Thai Massage

Thai massage is a unique Thai experience that is both exotic and a clearly defined representation of the Thai culture. It is always the must-go-to activity for any visitors to Thailand. In fact, there is a saying that if you had not gotten any massages done during your trip to Thailand, your holiday to the country is never considered completed. Likewise on the island of Koh Chang, shops offering massaging services are aplenty and can be found easily at any place of congregating businesses. Thai massages are also offered in part of resorts or hotels in-house services though comparatively the price tags for the in-house services would probably be of a premium range as compared to those offered by private owned businesses.

Typically, the cost of having a massage session in a privately owned massage parlour would cost between USD $6 to USD $12 for an hour service. This could go upwards of between USD $15 – USD $30 or even more for the same service done in a hotel/resort setting instead.

Different choices of massages offered are the usual traditional Thai full body massage and the popular Thai oil full body massage and many others. Massaging of individual body parts like head and foot massages are also available. Before you start commenting on how pint-sized the Thai female masseuses may seem on their outward appearance, you may want to start thinking of what you could hold onto for your dear life when they start their crackling job on your body.

For sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how well trained they are and the amazing amount of strength they are able to channel through their arms and fingers when they start the massaging session.

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