Snorkeling is a popular water based activity off the coast of Koh Chang island that draws many visitors each year. It involves swimming faced down with diving goggles on and the latching on to a snorkeling mask, which helps in breathing, while one is catching on the view of ongoing activities beneath all the splendid blue greenish waters.

The primary objective for this activity is to catch visual moments of the underwater life of many living organisms below the surface of the blue sea. However, you may want to note that this is not exactly THE perfect location for snorkeling as compared to better conditioned places like the famous Australian Great Barrier Reef etc. The reasons are simple in that there is simply no significant depth or perfect clarity in the waters off Koh Chang island to achieve a perfect snorkeling experience.

That said, the location is definitely more than sufficient for any visiting tourists who are looking for a basic underwater experience where you can have a chance in checking out full view of fishes swimming in schools and all that underwater activity that unfolds before one’s eyes would surely be a treat for any sea loving person.

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