Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is probably the most popular activity on the island of Koh Chang that helps draw many visitors to the island each year. The boom period for visiting divers would usually be between the month of May till November every year. There are over 30 odd sites that are suitable for diving all across the coast of Koh Chang island with different diving companies offering diving courses, diving packages and also day trips for novices on exploration tours of popular reefs and even wreck dive sites.

The biggest and probably the most popular one amongst three wreck dive sites located off Koh Chang island is the HTMS Chang wreck dive site. It was sunk intentionally by the Thai Navy as part of their plan to construct an artificial reef off the coast of Koh Chang island on the 22nd November 2012. A little known bite-sized info is that the HTMS Chang battleship was actually previously owned by US Navy under the ship name USS Lincoln County 898. It was first built in the year 1944 by the US Navy and had served as a landing tank ship during World War II. It was officially gifted to the Royal Thai Navy after the war.

The diving courses over at Koh Chang offered PADI courses, which are the commercialized and world-recognized professional courses for scuba diving. Diving courses that are offered on the island are not only for beginners but also intermediate level divers. The types of diving courses offered are wide in range and can be for anybody with an interest to become a full time diving instructor; a diving rescuer or even in becoming the ever-popular recreational Nitro diver!

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