Muay Thai Lessons

Muay Thai boxing is undisputedly one of the most well known cultural martial art in the world of ringside fighting. It is known to be an exceptionally lethal art of physical combating that is not to be trifled with at any levels. It is a full body combat that teaches one to use every single part of the human body in becoming an efficient weapon use to tear down an proponent. Whether is one’s pair of hands, forearms, elbows, knees, shins or his/her feet, Muay Thai martial arts teaches one how to use them effectively in taking strikes and delivering the deadly blow to a opponent in any given fights.

Along with its lethal reputation comes with a lengthy history background that may be of interest to any history buffs. Many visitors are intrigued by its formidable reputation and would never have given up the chance to have a shot at its training before leaving the island. There are plenty of ad-hoc trainings available across the island but only about three schools that are recognized and considered the official ones till date.

If you are interested, there are courses that goes by the hour charge and also packages that require more commitment like a week or even a month’s time available. Course fees varies, at about an average of USD $16 per hour charge to about USD $300 in all for a month’s worth of fixed training.

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