Wedding Photography

With the picture perfect natural scenery of the island and its surroundings as a perfect background for photography, people from all around the world, have been in recent years, flocking to Koh Chang island to have their wedding photographs taken. There are even some willing to go into lengths in having their wedding ceremonies being held on the island itself.

With heaps of budding talented photographers and photography firms setting up shop on the island, it’s of no surprise that the wedding photography business is probably going through a booming time of business. One representing highlight of the photography firms operating on the island is the taking of underwater wedding pictures. This is one of the main highlights where the groom and bride would donned their wedding gowns and suits and have their wedding photos taken underwater.

With the professional guidance of the photography teams and post editing skills on the pictures taken, stunning and unique shots that can be used exclusively for your wedding ceremonies or even as memory keepsake. With all that is to be said, you would perhaps think that it would probably cost a bomb to take up such a package. On the contrary, the packages offered are significantly lower than what you can find elsewhere in any other country. For a 3-4 hours package of photo taking sessions, it cost only an average of about USD $350-$400 to get a total of about 300 shots taken.

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