Jungle Trekking

Trekking through the thick marsh of jungle on Koh Chang island is a commonly sought out activity by visitors to the island. Rummaging through the thick foliage of the rain forest; trekking through streams of water and crossing under raging waterfalls. The descriptions to such a place would probably sound like music to the ears of any wildlife exploration junkie.

The jungle trekking businesses are operated by a few individuals whom are usually the leading guides for the jungle trekking tours on Koh Chang island. It is advisable to always take up services to a guided tour if one is interested on go a trekking adventure. There are way too many unknown variables that could pose as a danger to anyone not familiar with the trekking terrains amidst the thick forested sites.

Just so you know, almost 80% of the island is covered with trees and shrubs and that being said, it’s dangerous even if you simply just got lost in the jungle and could not make your way out. Not to mention the potential danger that one could possibly get into, with the unknown wildlife that may be roaming around under the cover of the heavy foliage.

If your soft spot is into getting down and dirty with mother nature and that you enjoy taking in scenic views and exploring adventurous trails in nature’s wildlife at the same time, this might the REAL treat for you!

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