ATV Riding

The exciting and thrilling All-Terrain Vehicle riding or ATV riding is one of the less known but popular and one of a kind activity that one could find on the island of Koh Chang. ATV riding is done on quad bikes also know as four wheeler, on off road terrains like sand dunes and forest trails, places that are usually inaccessible using normal vehicles. An ATV riding would usually involved 2 persons, 1 as the rider in front and the 2nd behind as the passenger.

Sufficient proper trainings would be given to all prior to the actual ride, which may differs in total time taken and also choice of route for ride, depending on the package taken up. ATV riding is strictly not allowed to be on the roads of Koh Chang island and is mandated that designated trails or route plans are to be followed with a guide to avoid any potential accidents that may occurred. Also for security reasons, all ATVs and riders are usually fully insured by the respective vendors so as to cover both riders and the vehicles if any mishap were to occur.

For a niche that is not patronised by a majority, there are not too many companies operating on the island that offers this service. It would cost an average of USD $60 to USD $70 per pax for a 90 mins riding of ATVs on the island.

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