Who we are?

We are a bunch of Koh Chang Island lovers. We love the sun, the fresh air, the sandy white beaches and the lovely people we meet on Koh Chang. So much so that this site is set up with the aim of introducing people, whom may or may not even have heard before of this lovely island, a chance in glimpsing what magic this island holds and could offer for any holiday making people looking for a new adventure. At the same time, we are fanatics over villas as our number one choice of holiday homes where ever part of the world we travel to. Koh Chang Island is of no exception with the number of beautiful, mesmerizing architectural display of magnificent houses with top class facilities awaiting visitors from across the world. All in all, we are crazy over the island and we affirm its potential to be much more than what it is today. In sharing, we hope you will come to find out yourself one day and discovered the captivating beauty of the island.

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