Koh Chang is a beautiful island, famed for its mesmerizing sandy white beaches with clear blue seawater; exciting outdoor adventures; a whole range of nature’s wildlife; and not forgetting it’s economical price tag for travelers.

Koh Chang island is the second largest island in Thailand. With only a couple of thousands reportedly staying in Koh Chang, the island’s population metrics consist mainly of it’s own inhabitants and also a good number of foreign backpackers or adventure seeking tourists whom are gunning for the island’s sea sports or activities like diving; snorkeling and fishing.

Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.

Robert Henri


You must be thinking. Why pool villas then?

I first fell in love with them during my Staycation Singapore trip. Modern villas are considered high end, good quality detached homes, usually used for vacation rental properties. Variations are aplenty too, like twin villas or even mini villas which are terms coined for smaller but similar upper class vacation houses.

On a popular vacation island like Koh Chang, villa class properties are a favorite of visiting tourists. A small but significant part of the reason lies with the individual private pools that comes with the stay. I mean who would’t like a personal pool at his or her disposal right in the backyard, with 100% privacy and own discretion to swim, soak or even do a naked tan right under the sunny climate of the SE Asia region.


Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.

Sarah Kay

Truth is. People are beginning to fall in love with Koh Chang.

It is of our utmost pleasure to highlight that the tourism scene in Koh Chang has been picking up steadily in recent years. On top of the usual backpackers and adventure seekers that we may have seen in the past, there is a wider range of visitors today.

They may be your average tourists whom might have visited Phuket or Koh Samui umpteen times and are now seeking a new thrill of exploring this new upcoming island destination. Perhaps they might even be one of the many new generation Y couples whom have, in recent times, came in flocks to have their wedding photos taken on the enchanting beaches and beautiful shorelines of the island.

Things are certainly moving slow but surely they are not stopping. Developers are beginning to notice the up-trending movements and the response have include further expansions of existing hotels alongside building of new ones to handle the swell in visits to the islands these days.



Cockroaches are one of the longest-lived creatures in the world today. They have been by our side since the prehistoric era of dinosaurs. They are widely touted as distant relatives of ancient creatures, and this strong survival instinct is largely due to their ability to thrive in the most prosperous areas where there is little food or water. Nowadays, as in the past, cockroaches infested in large numbers are a common problem. They can not only grow up, but also can multiply rapidly in the reproduction and reproduction of the next generation of offspring. Here are 3 ways to deal with the growing problem of cockroach infestation in Singapore and exclude it from our residence/office.

1. Keep our house/workplace clean, tidy and proper. After the environment is properly cleaned, the tendency to remove food and water from cockroaches and other pests will be greatly reduced. Food and water are huge attractions for pests (such as cockroaches) to flourish and prosper. Whenever they look around for a potential new house or a resting place to earn a living in their home or office, it may be one of the most ideal pests instinctively looking for. After proper cleaning, you will not only remove food and water, but also food and water. It is possible to properly clean up the debris in the hidden place permanently, otherwise they may become a breeding ground for pests, so pests like cockroaches will think twice before naming them residences and resting places.

2. The use of cockroach bait and cockroach trap Cockroach baits and cockroach traps are aids for pest infestation and can be purchased from retailers or on the shelves of online stores. Cockroach baits appear in the form of attractive food sources for cockroaches, but in fact they hide poisonous poisons, centered on pests, that are harmful to pests. However, these toxic compounds are cleverly hidden in the pests, because feeding cockroaches usually unknowingly brings the poison back to the place of origin, so that the cockroach bait can play the best role, thereby infecting the pest’s food-sharing family and indirectly on the way. Killed them. Cockroach traps are another powerful auxiliary tool that can help eliminate cockroach infestations and act as powerful cockroach control services. They usually appear in the surrounding environment in extremely sticky form Attract all food sources. The plan is to attract cockroaches through food sources and make them stick to adhesives grown around them. After trapping the cockroaches, it is still easy to throw the trapped pests out of the trap. The latter is a very effective and recommended method because it does not contain any toxic compounds, otherwise they may contaminate the commodities and even food of the residents in the subsequent environment and their pets.

3.) Last but not least, we strongly recommend hiring a professional pest control service Singapore company like NBW Pest Control Singapore, where a reliable and reliable pest control company that can be trusted with proper training can be responsible for recommending the most effective The development direction to solve the existing pest infestation problem. Equipped with appropriate pest control and pest removal equipment; equipment; and solutions; plus special instillation training methods , People can believe and be convinced that the pest problem can be eliminated in the shortest time; the best price is allocated for the entire de-worming process. As far as the results produced most of the time are concerned, the use of DIY methods to control the pest population is the least, therefore, it is strongly recommended not to do so.


Covid-19 Phase 3 Wake-up Call and Funeral Service in Singapore

In 2020, Covid-19 not only swept the earth and conquered the entire universe, not only taking the lives of millions of people, but in the process of doing so, it changed the lives of millions of people and changed people’s lives. Habits therefore, how a person dies. As we transition to the third stage of the post-Covid-19 circuit breaker phase in Singapore, the authorities are introducing new rules and guidelines to ensure that contact is minimized and opportunities to participate in funeral services or sober marches are reduced. Are you familiar with the tasks that can be done under the guidance of the new guidelines and what to avoid when planning a funeral for a loved one who has just passed away?

Like other public places, the CCK Cemetery and the ashes bar in Mandai and Yishun will also maintain a one-meter safe distance between all visitors and the usual shielding policy for a Singapore funeral service for Christians or any other religions alike. The number of visiting family members is limited to eight people per group. It is recommended that visitors do not bring family members of elderly or young companions who may come from disadvantaged groups to visit. Visitors who are unwell are advised to stay at home and refrain from participating in the ceremonies held in the cemetery or ashes bar.

A funeral at home or on an empty deck? And during the Christian funeral service cremation ceremony or funeral? The funeral, funeral and cremation of each funeral can accommodate up to 30 people per person. The seating arrangements for funeral activities must also be at least one metre away from any other chairs on other corresponding tables. Just like limiting the number of people at any public gathering, when the funeral wakes up, there should be no more than 8 people on each table. It is not allowed to set up a buffet or reception, subject to the food and beverages they provide. Religious workers (such as missionaries for Christian funerals) or stage speakers for eulogy, if they are not properly covered, must be protected with a face mask. The records of visitors attending the funeral must be tracked and kept for at least 25 days after the funeral procession. If there may be any outbreak or spread during the funeral, this will help the tracking work.

Finally, the authorities have approved the formal funeral wake-up parade for the deceased who died of COVID-19 infection. Despite the danger of spreading the virus, care must be taken when handling the remains of the deceased. Unless there are sufficient religious reasons, the deceased should not be embalmed as part of the funeral services rendered, and cremation of the corpse is strongly encouraged. If such a request is made, the approval of the relevant authorities is required. In addition, the body of the deceased will be bagged doubly, and a sealed coffin will be used to store the remains. Finally, procedures that may involve close contact with the deceased’s body can only be handled by trained personnel from a funeral company in Singapore, like Christian Funeral Services Singapore.


Today in Singapore, we have a wide variety of homes and houses for people to buy; starting from where most people in Singapore live, that is, the basic units of HDB flats, DBSS family apartments, Executive Apartments (EA) and Executive Mansions. (EM); administrative or private apartment units; landing property between terraces; (GCB) high quality bungalow townhouses. In Singapore, we have a variety of accommodation types for you to choose from. From the perspective of weekly Singapore home cleaning services and even niche cleaning (such as carpet upholstery cleaning services), this certainly has a profound impact on the types of home cleaning services; sofa sets;

HDB rooms from 3 bedrooms to high end apartments

Singapore offers weekly home cleaning services. For 3- to 5-bedroom HDB units, they generally need fewer active attendants to enjoy the proper weekly housekeeping services in Singapore. If this kind of home cleaning range is like this, only 2 assistants are required to perform the home cleaning service once, and the frequency is similar to regular Singapore home cleaning services each week (once biweekly). Including the usual common living areas such as living room, kitchen, dining room, toilet and 2 to 6 bedrooms. Singapore regularly offers standard house cleaning services for similar residential areas, averaging no more than 5 hours at a time, while smaller HDB apartments, such as 3-bedroom HDB apartments, do not exceed 3 hours per round.

Private and executive apartment units

Singapore offers weekly home cleaning services for private and executive apartments. This is contrary to many beliefs and ideas. Sometimes even less labor is required for home cleaning services. The reason is simply because the total construction area of ​​private and executive apartment units is relatively small. Sometimes only an assistant can create cleaner details, and even a unit with up to 3 bedrooms! Although it should be remembered that as a private residence, there are some additional facilities, such as balconies; Outdoor decks, and even duplex roofs, require additional home cleaning work, which can increase the need for regular home cleaning services. . Let’s not even talk about possible additional components of the furniture cleaning service, for example, homes that may need to clean in these niches, which can add to the cost of the general home cleaning service provided to the residences involved.

Terraces; semi-detached; bungalows

Weekly home cleaning services for real estate (such as terraces); townhouses or bungalows are very different from HDB units or apartment units. Gardens; walking trails; high ceilings with many panes of glass; backyards with wet and dry kitchens, which are characteristic of the grounds. In high-rise apartments, as mentioned above, this is not common at all. In addition to allocating more manpower and the required man hours for a proper home cleaning service render to a landed home, it may also be necessary to allocate special equipment. For example, an expandable cobweb dust collector, which may be needed to help improve by reaching diffcult to reach areas that need to be cleaned and removed from the dust that may have remained in recent years. Also, we can see from experience while offering home cleaning services to homeowners in the private sector, there is a great demand for interior decoration which increases much our difficulty in conducting a proper house cleaning services Singapore is looking for. Among the aforementioned landing house furnishings are floor-to-ceiling long curtains and more than large sets of sofa with usually more than 7 seats.